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Residential Rental Application

Contact Information

Contact Name: Beau Anderson

Phone: 906-282-5758


Mailing Address:

333 S. Stephenson Ave. Ste. 105

Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801

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Personal Information

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Vehicle Information

Rental History

Employment Information

*Note: If monthly Income does not exceed monthly rent by 3X you may qualify for rental assistance.

Documents Needed

1) Photo Identification: Copy of Photo ID


2) Documented Income: Copy of Pay Stub, Tax Return, ETC.


AUTHORIZATION: Applicant authorizes Eden Property Collection and its representatives to use information provided in this application to verify if applicant qualifies based on standards listed below. Verification includes but not limited to direct contact with applicants employers, current landlord, previous landlords, other contacts provided, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, municipal utilities, private utilities, consumer reporting agencies, public records, eviction records and other information as deemed necessary. Eden Property Collection and its representatives are not held liable for damages that result from the verification of information provided.

ACCURACY: Applicant agrees that the information provided in this rental application is true and correct.

QUALIFICATION STANDARDS: Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

Documented Income 3x Rent
Current Photo ID
Positive References
No past evictions or unpaid judgements
Minimum credit score of 600
Background check with displayed pattern of responsibility

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